4IR & Digital Transformation Summit

About the Summit

The focus of the track will be on 4th Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation whereby digital technologies give us opportunities to create new or modify existing user experiences, processes, or culture to meet changing business and market requirements. New technologies are being applied in private sector, academia, government and even in civil society. Furthermore, there is evidence of impacting the future in many ways. The summit will specifically explore infrastructure dimensions, deployment experiences, technology transfer and agile governance.

Target Audience

Angel Investors Kenya Revenue Authority Private Sector BMOs All KIW Delegates Startups Counties Venture Capitalists All ecosystem actors
Thematic Track Leader

Philip Thigo

Senior Director - Thunderbird School of Global Management


  1. 1. Showcasing Innovation

  2. 2. Startup Handholding

  3. 3. National Innovation Awards

  4. 4. Enhancing Interoperability

  5. 5. Mindset shift & Skills Development

  6. 6. KIW County Edition

  7. 7. Sustainable Startup Support Program

Expected Outcomes

  1. Recruitment and Training of Angel Investors

  2. Policy Announcement on tax rebates for individual and corporate investments in early stage startups

  3. Establishment of a private sector led National Innovation Fund backed by GOK

  4. Create awareness on the legal, administrative and digitization reforms which have been implemented to facilitate ease of doing business

  5. Link startups to local and international investors

  6. Launch of a live ecosystem map