Global EdTech Startups Awards (GESAwards) 2021

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Startup Competition Public Virtual
 01 Mar, 09:35 am - 31 Jan, 09:36 am

GESAwards is the world’s largest Edtech Startup competition. GESAwards is a joint venture between partners from the six continents and has accomplished to build a community of +5000 EdTech Startups.  

GESAwards provides the opportunity to Startups from any corner of the world to showcase their products to a global audience, connect and build significant partnerships, facilitate business opportunities as well as compete towards being crowned the Edtech Startup of the year. In addition to promoting the best Edtech Startups, GESAwards helps build local EdTech ecosystems as well as facilitates the flow of EdTech investments to alternative markets.

Partners - GESAwards is grounded on the strength of a network of EdTech clusters from around the globe and it is constantly attracting newcomers that contribute and benefit from this significant global EdTech connection. Initiated in 2014 by MindCET (Israel) and partnering with PAU Education – Open Education Challenge (Spain) and UK Israel EdTech Hub (UK), GESAwards has welcomed new partners including Prismapar (Colombia), Ed21 (France), GSET (Ghana), Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico), EduLab (Japan),xEdu (Finland), LearnLaunch (US-East), Esperanza (China), Ingenious Faces (India), Frankfurt Book Fair (Europe), StarEd (USA-West), Positivo (Brazil),  Sek Lab (Spain), EdCrunch (Russia), Educate (UK), Global Impact Edtech Alliance (LATAM), Eduvation (Germany), Eduspaze (Singapore), UK Tech Hub (South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria), among others.

Specific Tracks - Besides the competition towards the EdTech of the year, GESAwards has specific tracks that promote startups to apply in specific areas. Every year these tracks are re-defined according to the partners' interests, such as: Innovation, Adult Literacy, Artificial Intelligence, Dropouts, Hospitalized Kids, etc…



The product or service will be judged according to the following criteria

‚Äč1. Address a clear pain point, relevant to the market

2. Provide an innovative pedagogical approach

3. Offer a relevant user experience

4. Show potential for growth based on a sustainable business model

5. Demonstrate product viability


March 2021: Applications Open to general & special tracks

September 30, 2021: Deadline for application submission

Nov 2021: Semifinals events

January 2022: Global Finals Event

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Contact Person: UK-Kenya Tech Hub

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