25th November, 2024    Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya Innovation Week 2024

welcome to KIW 2024

Kenya 10-Year Innovation Masterplan

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About KIW

Kenya Innovation Week (KIW) is a flagship innovation forum for the country run by the Kenya National Innovation Agency. It seeks to showcase the innovativeness of Kenyans under which the national priorities of the Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030 will be advanced.

KIW intends to champion relevant policy engagements on innovations within institutions while promoting practical skills necessary to create innovations that impact people. In addition, Kenya Innovation Week purposes to strengthen the research and commercialisation practices for greater socio-economic impact. To achieve its objectives, Kenya Innovation Week 2021 convened the local governments, private sector, development partners, media and civil society in order to capitalise in as much shared value as possible.

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What Happened at KIW 2023

During the week, there were many events across many counties so as to give the period and agenda a significant national outlook.
Universities, research centres, private sector companies, development agencies, innovation and incubation hubs across the country ran relevant activities in their localities.

Kenya 10-Year Innovation Masterplan