Kenya Innovation Week 2021

Kenya School of Government  |  06 - 10 December, 2021

4 Thematic Areas

Skills for Innovation

CBC, Skill Development

Tech and the 4th Industrial Revolution

Robotics, VR, AI, IoT

Research & Commercialization

ST&I, Policy

Startup Kenya

Investors, Funding

3 Cross-cutting Sectors


Food Systems

FinTech & TechFin

Kenya 2.0: Creating Our Future Today!

Kenya Innovation Week is a flagship innovation forum for the country run by the Kenya National Innovation Agency. It seeks to showcase the innovativeness of Kenyans under which the national priorities of the Big 4 Agenda and Vision 2030 will be advanced. It will champion relevant policy engagements on innovations within institutions while promoting practical skills necessary to create innovations that impact people. In addition, Kenya Innovation Week will strengthen the research and commercialisation practices for greater socio-economic impact. To achieve its objectives, Kenya Innovation Week 2021 will convene the local governments, private sector, development partners, media and civil society in order to capitalize in as much shared value as possible.

Kenya 2.0 will strengthen our resilience to global challenges, reinforce our competitiveness as a global destination and will improve the quality of life of our citizens, residence, and visitors. To implement Kenya 2.0, we shall develop, incubate, and accelerate innovative models in Kenya to ensure food security, affordable housing, manufacturing, and affordable healthcare for all. The core to ensure Kenya 2.0 is innovation, disruptive innovation in the way we think and the way we do things. Therefore, we shouldn’t be satisfied with incremental improvements but rather disrupt the status quo to Create Our Future of Kenya Today.
This summit, Kenya Innovation Week 2021, shall be the beginning of a new and impactful movement to create Kenya 2.0.

Thematic Areas

Below are four thematics areas towards which various partners will work together.


Research and Commercialization.

This track will focus on strengthening best practices and systems for good research and commercialization. This is part of the ST&I as well as higher education sectors reform trajectory to exploit research and intangible assets as a substantive alternative source of revenue.

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Why you shouldn't miss KIW 2021

During the week, there will be events across as many counties as possible so as to give the period and agenda a significant national outlook.
Universities, research centres, private sector companies, development agencies, innovation and incubation hubs across the country will run relevant activities in their localities.

Featured Speakers

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Discover various innovations from corporates, startups and institutions.

Panel Discussions

Listen to in-depth discussions around key issues in the ecosytem.


Connect with industry experts and the Kenyan innovation ecosystem.


Attend bootcamps and hackathons organised by KIW partners.

Startup Pitches

Experience the startup pitch, as part of the Start-up Kenya track.

Working Together, Innovating Together

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